The cost of hair extensions in Chicago can range from $250 for a partial volume application of easiLengths to $425 for a volume application of Klix Hair, to $1800 for a full head of Great Lengths. It all depends on the method of application, the amount applied, the length you choose and the brand of hair that’s used. We typically use Grade A hair, which is the highest quality on the market, so naturally is more expensive.

During your consultation, we will analyze your hair and give you a quote based on the amount of hair needed to achieve your look and the length of hair you desire. Once quoted, the price will not change – even if we have to use more hair than originally estimated in order to make your style look amazing.

The design fee includes all the hair you need, our time for the prep work and application of your new hair and a haircut using our special cut-to-blend technique.

To learn more about the best hair extensions in Chicago or to book your consultation, visit our hair extensions FAQ.