You’ve heard of other straightening methods such as Japanese Thermal Reconditioning or chemical relaxers, but Keratin Complex Hair Therapy by Coppola is superior to all of these. According to Peter Coppola, “this is the BREAKTHROUGH product our industry has been waiting for – this service will revolutionize hair care. What this does for the hair is something I have never seen in my 40 years in this profession.”

Enrich your hair with this revolutionary new smoothing system! Keratin Complex Hair Therapy is specially formulated as a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for hair that eliminates up to 90% of frizz and curl and is gentle enough to use on all hair types, including colored and chemically treated hair. The advanced patent-pending formulation restores and restructures hair by infusing a special blend of natural keratin deep into the damaged cuticle – leaving the hair soft, shiny and luxurious.

Keratin Complex Hair Therapy smoothes hair without the noxious formaldehyde that other treatments use. The price starts at $350 for average hair, and increases for hair that is longer and/or thicker. This price includes a take home shampoo and conditioner and a shampoo and blowdry 72 hours after initial treatment. A complimentary consultation is recommended to determine the amount of treatment needed and the time it will take to perform. The treatment lasts 3 to 5 months, and the hair stays healthy without any visible lines of demarcation in the hair as it grows out.

Hair is basically keratin – so when keratin is re-infused into the hair shaft, you are providing “skin care for your hair.” The more you treat your hair, the healthier it becomes. With each treatment the build-up of keratin makes the hair softer, silkier, straighter, shinier and easier to blow dry.

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